Exosomal Biomarker Discovery

3D Bloom

2D Culture

CellSpring develops minimally invasive tests for diagnosing early stage cancer. The tests rely on discovery of novel, exosomal biomarkers using our proprietary 3D Bloom platform. 


Detecting cancer early means catching it before a patient even has symptoms -- when the full gamut of therapeutic options is available. 


Christopher Millan, PhD


CellSpring co-founder and inventor of 3D Bloom.  Dr. Millan leads fundraising and business development.

Queralt Vallmajó, PhD


An experienced scientist who recently completed her PhD at EPFL, Dr. Vallmajó now directs R&D efforts at CellSpring.


Devon Campbell


With 20+ years of work in medical devices and diagnostics, Devon brings unrivalled experienced to the CellSpring team as an Independent Director. 


Daniel Eberli, MD/PhD


Urologist and principal investigator at the University Hospital in Zurich.  Prof. Eberli acts as scientific advisor to CellSpring and his lab collaborates with us to drive clinical proof of concept of our prostate cancer biomarkers.


Latest News


October 2019, Renens, Switzerland: CellSpring won the Platinum Prize at the pitching competition of MassChallenge Switzerland!  We were selected after four rounds of judging from an intial pool of over 1'000 applicants.  The prize includes a cash award of CHF 80'000.

Oct. 2018, Zurich, Switzerland: USZ lab of Prof. Daniel Eberli awarded a research grant for CellSpring collaboration. The focus of the project is discovery of novel biomarkers for prostate cancer.

Feb. 2017, London, U.K.: Forbes named co-founder Christopher Millan to its annual 30 Under 30 list for Europe.  Dr. Millan was named to two categories: Science & Healthcare and Dorm Room Founders